SMART CITY solutions

The basis of WARES's operation is cooperation with a business customer and providing him with a system of complete analysis of water consumption data using the world's first universal optical water meter reader that allows reading data in real time.

The solution offered by WARES is based on an innovative technology using LPWAN communication (NBIoT, LTE Cat M1). These protocols are the new standard for smart meters. They improve the flow and volume of information generated from water, gas, heat and electricity meters.

Advantages of the WARES solution:

  • versatility - the possibility of easy implementation
  • high quality range of transmitters
  • low battery consumption (battery life in the device is estimated at 17 years)
  • security and reliability

In addition, WARES has developed a data interpretation system on the platform that supports artificial neural networks. The system itself learns how to interpret events, which enables prediction of water consumption and distinction between typical and atypical situations, and possible generation of alerts to clients, e.g. about potential water leakage or failure.

The WARES solution provides water networks, housing cooperatives and housing associations with the ability to detect leaks, receive default notifications of system malfunctions, and information on water consumption almost in real time. It also offers a secure data management system and allows for automatic invoicing. Importantly, it is universal. It fits into any existing infrastructure, and thus - its implementation does not require the need to replace water meters.

WARES conducts advanced research and development work on gas meter readers with a gas detection sensor based on the same technology. Our goal is to develop our business and continuously acquire new customers in new markets - including Europe, the United States and South Asia.


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