Walter One

water meter optical reader


The Walter One device allows you to read the numbers visible on the dial of the water meter, indicating water consumption. The device via Bluetooth connects to the smartphone and sends data to the Elias application. This allows the recipient to have full control over the current water consumption. BE ECO, SAVE WATER!

Suitable for water meters Apator Smart + JS 1.6-02
Power supply 2 x AA battery (battery not included)

Completion date 14 days

Walter One+

included with Apator Smart + JS 1.6-02


The Apator Smart + JS 1.6-02 water meter is adapted for mounting the Walter One optical reader. You can order both items in the kit. The cover itself can be mounted at any time during the water meter operation. The Walter One reader gives you full control over the current water consumption available on your smartphone.

The kit includes one water meter for cold or warm water. Specify the type of water meter in the notes to the order.
Power supply 2 x AA battery (battery not included)

Completion date 14 days


If you want to order a device that fits other types of water meters (DIEHL, ITRON, ISTA, Zenner, Bmeters) please contact us using the form below

If you do not know the type of water meter please send us a photo of it

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This is an innovative cover mounted on the water meter. It reads the numbers visible on the dial of the water meter, indicating water consumption and via Bluetooth communication sends them to the Elias application installed on the smartphone. Thanks to this, the user has knowledge about current consumption without having to look into the meters.

The Elias application stores current data and historical readings since the device was connected to the application. This gives you control over water consumption and the amount of fees.



What is the Water One device?

The Walter One device is a cover for a water meter. The device is intended for reading numbers presented on the dial of water meters mechanical. Device  is equipped in a type radio communication system Bluetooth that enables forwarding data to another mobile device with the Elias application installed.

Is the device universal and fits any water meter?

The Walter One device is a universal device that fits any type of water meter. The lower part of its housing, however, differs depending on the type of water meter on which we want to mount the reader. It is important to check on the packaging an indication of the type of water meter for which the lower housing of the reader is adapted. At the moment we have a reader for sale adapted for the water meter Apator Smart + JS 1.6-02, ENBRA JS 1.6-0.2. If you have another type of water meter and you are interested in buying a Walter One reader, please contact us using form.

How to mount Walter One on a water meter?

In order to mount the device on a water meter, check whether the device is intended for the water meter on which you want to carry out the installation. The model and type of the water meter to which the reader is adapted can be found on the packaging. Then read and write the water meter serial number and the current water meter reading. Data on current consumption will be necessary to run the Elias application. Check that the mounting hooks in the bottom housing of the device match the mounting brackets on the water meter dial. Set the device so that the water meter digits are in the reading window of the reader. Insert the upper projection of the lower housing of the device into the groove located in the upper upper part of the water meter's dial. Close the device (click) on the water meter by pressing the upper housing with your hand. Finally check whether the reader is properly seated on the water meter. For all instructions on the installation and operation of the Walter One reader, refer to the user manual located on the site.

How to install Elias applications?

The Elias application is available free of charge in AppStore and Google Play online stores. For the system to work properly, applications must be installed on a mobile device and then connected to the Walter One device mounted on the water meter. How to do it? You will find out in the next question. Remember! After installing the application on a mobile device, you must register an account.

How to connect the Walter One reader with the application?

In order to connect the application with the reader: start Bluetooth communication on the mobile device, start the application, press the button marked with the Bluetooth symbol. Then the application will search for all active readers located nearby, you will see the serial number of the device on its rating plate and / or on the last page of the device's instruction manual. Then the application will ask you to enter the PIN number on the device's user manual. The next step is to assign the water meter serial number to the reader and indicate the current state of water consumption visible on the dial of the water meter on which the reader has been mounted. Optionally, we can enter our own reader name. We confirm the performed actions with the "Activate" button. After proper connection of the application with the reader, a rectangle with the name of the reader and the current water meter indication will appear on the application desktop. Clicking on a given rectangle will download the current reading.

What features does the Elias app have?

The Elias application is to provide the user with information on the current water consumption in his household. The main function of the application is to indicate the water meter reading on the day of the last connection with the reader. In the application, we can also track the history of readings broken down into days, weeks, months, years. It gives us the ability to control the current consumption both in cubic meters and in PLN (it is possible to set the displayed unit m3 / PLN). There is also an option to set notifications and alerts related to water consumption. The application shows us the water meter serial number, reader name (or its serial number).  The application is also available in English. If you have an idea what additional functions the application should have, write to us! We develop and improve the product. Your opinion is very important to us.

If you have additional questions?
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Anka, Warszawa

Anka, Warsaw

I care about our planet. I know how important rational use of water resources is now. If I can do anything to have a real impact on it - that's where I go. This device is brilliant, it indicates exactly how much water I use, and thanks to this I know what to do.

Piotr, Gdynia

Piotr, Gdynia

The device really hit the point. That's exactly what I needed. A gadget that lets me know exactly how much water I use during the day. Works fine, I recommend it!

Marek, Wrocław

Marek, Wroclaw

A simple, logical solution. It can help us save money, teaches how to use water rationally, and motivates us to change our everyday lives habits. It is ecological - it is also a plus. The application is readable, user-friendly.


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