What we do

Our mission is to use available technology to create practical solutions for the consumer. We create innovative data analysis systems to present information to the user in a simple and legible form. 

The devices designed by us are used to control the consumption of scarce natural resources and consciously take care of their current state.

The WARES company was established in 2019 to conduct a research project on remote reading of data displayed on water meters and an electronic system to transmit the data to the platform.

Our team is a group of passionate engineers who have been working with the new technologies for years. Focused on observing trends and fascinated with Internet of Things.

Rafał Smoliński

A graduate of the Robotics Department of the Gdańsk University of Technology. Has many years of practical experience in managing technology companies. For 5 years he has been successfully exploring Asian markets, Singapore and Japan. He is interested in creating IoT devices using green energy, Bluetooth Low Energy and NBIoT data transmission.

Dariusz Benert

A graduate of the Electronics Department of the Gdańsk University of Technology. Among other things, based on the PIC18 microcontroller, he designed and launched commercial software (microPascal) and people counter equipment in the form of a single bar with GSM data transmission. His hobby is R&D in the field of reading environmental parameters and their transfer using various technologies such as Bluetooth, LoRa or NBioT

Piotr Zabrocki

Specialist in architecture and data processing. During several years of activity in the IT industry, he has designed and implemented IT systems enabling the implementation of tasks such as: management of a network of WiFi hotspots, management of a network of people counters with an advanced data processing and analysis module, management of a network of IOT devices with a dedicated mobile application.