Remote reading of water meters.

This is a complete solution that allows you to collect data generated by the water meter.

The system consists of a radio overlay and an internet application.

Data from the water meter.

After logging in to the application, the user gains access to all data generated by the water meter. The reading is taken every hour. Thanks to this, you can observe current and historical water consumption. This data can be transferred directly to billing systems.

Walter 3 web overlay.

This is a device that allows you to collect data from a water meter and send it directly to the Internet. Walter 3 monitors the water flow in the water meter. It records the flow rate every hour and continuously monitors the flow behavior. This makes it possible to detect water leaks.

Reading every hour. Every 60 minutes, Walter 3 records the amount of water indicated by the water meter. Data is downloaded with an accuracy of 10 liters.

On line. Walter 3 is connected to the Internet using a modem equipped with a SIM card. This makes it possible to transmit data in real time.

Battery 12 years. The cell used and the method of using energy allow the Walter 3 device to function properly for a period of 12 years.

IP 68. The tightness class allows the Walter 3 pad and the water meter to be safely immersed to a depth of over 1 m.


Magnet detection. Walter 3 is equipped with a set of magnetic sensors. Any attempts to apply a strong magnet to the water meter are recorded.

Flow direction detection. The overlay allows you to record the direction of water flow through the water meter.

Leak detection. Walter 3 allows you to set time and flow parameters. This allows you to detect a type of water flow that should not occur.

Web application - Elias.

This is a website that allows you to manage data from water meters. It allows you to sum up the flow in individual time units such as days, weeks, months. The application contains functionalities necessary to describe the location of the water meter, its parameters and technical data. In the application you can find a photo of the water meter and its geolocation data.