Remote reading of gas meters.

This is a complete solution that allows you to collect data generated by the gas meter.

The system consists of an optical module and an internet application.

Walter G2 - optical module.

Innovative cover for a bellows gas meter. For reading, it uses a sensor that allows you to recognize the shape of the numbers presented on the counter.

The device also has a classic detector of magnetic pulses generated by the counter.

Reading every hour. Every 60 minutes, Walter G2 records the amount of gas indicated by the gas meter. Data is downloaded accurate to full cubic meters.

Battery 12 years. The cell used and the method of using energy allow the Walter G2 device to function properly for a period of 12 years.

On line. Walter G2 is connected to the Internet using a modem equipped with a SIM card. This makes it possible to transmit data in real time.

Magnet detection. Walter G2 is equipped with a set of magnetic sensors. Any attempts to apply a strong magnet to the gas meter are recorded.


Methane detection. Walter G2 can be equipped with a set of sensors detecting the methane concentration level. The device can transmit alarms that are activated at a specific gas concentration level.

Web application - Elias.

This is a website that allows you to manage data from gas meters. It allows you to sum up the flow in individual time units such as days, weeks, months. The application contains functionalities necessary to describe the location of the gas meter, its parameters and technical data. In the application you can find a photo of the gas meter and its geolocation data.