The aim of the project is to introduce to the Singapore market, with the help of the Foreign Trade Office, an innovative product, which is Walter E – a device capable of collecting and processing data collected from optical readers of water meters. The device’s system is to be based on technological innovations such as: data transmission using NBIOT, artificial neural networks, cameras with low-energy matrices. The project is to be in line with the trend of creating IOT devices with low energy consumption.

Wares Sp. z o.o. obtained funding for the implementation of the project No. POIR.03.03.01-00- 0001/17, co-financed by the Polish Investment and Trade Agency under the Intelligent Development Operational Program 2014-2020 from the European Regional Development Fund.
The planned effect of the project is the popularization of the Polish remote water meter reading system. This popularization involves the implementation of water meter readers among water suppliers and consumers. The solution we offer is in line with the growing needs of water suppliers and consumers in Singapore. The demonstration implementation is also clearly visible for APAC countries, which often follow Singapore as a model.

EU funding for the project: PLN 200,000.00

Project value: PLN 200,000.00